Starflake Picks the Junkyard Planet

Starflake Picks the Junkyard Planet


Taking off on her rocket-cycle, Starflake is set for a visit with her girlfriend, Tauristar, at the Deep Space Ranger Academy, when the engine quits. Her bike is caught in the grip of the gravitational field of the Junkyard Planet. She crash lands but falls into a stack of tires, saving her life. However, her cycle goes up in flames stranding her on the planet. The mysterious character called the Junkyard Man gives her a cart and tells her to pick through the junkyard villages for parts for a new bike. But the villages are miles apart. On her shopping trek she encounters human-sized junkyard rats, a wild speed boat race through dangerous swamps, Leonardo the weird artist who creates living statues, and the unseen Big AI who tosses Star into the deadly prison known as the Cube. Only a violent revolt from unruly pirates can save her. This episode is a life changer for Star because she must decide if she should advance her age to that of a teen and if she should join the Deep Space Rangers. Don't miss this one.

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Nicola Cuti
Paperback | 218 pages
140 x 216 x 12mm | 259g
Publication date
11 Dec 2017
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white